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The spoken and written language is a gift that only humans possess. For us all, our mother tongue is the most important language that we understand best and that can best convey a message to us. A good translation can therefore be very important for the successful launching of a product or service in a new market.

What should you think of when choosing a translator? Above all, you should choose one who knows the subject and also has the language into which the text is to be translated, the target language, as his/her mother tongue.

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You will have your texts translated into perfect Swedish and also, if necessary, slightly changed to suit the Swedish ways of thinking. Swedish is our native tongue and we live in Sweden, keeping our Swedish up to date and alive.

We are freelancers. This means that you will talk directly to the translator working with your texts, and since you are the one who best knows what your text should express, you are welcome to share your thoughts and wishes.

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Specialist knowledge of the following subjects:

    · environment, society and planning, transport, rail traffic
    · research and science
    · technology, electrotechnology, environmental engineering, illumination
    · gardening, organic farming and food, cooking and baking, bees and beekeeping
    · yoga and training



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Checking and proofreading of Swedish texts with regard to language, content and/or consistency

    Thanks to many years of research experience, we can penetrate your text in depth and suggest subtle amendments to enhance readability and accuracy.


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Eva Gustavsson, Lodilo AB
M.Sc., Member of SFÖ, Swedish Association of Professional Translators

Tomas Johansson
PhD in Biomolecular and organic electronics

You are welcome to get in touch to discuss your texts!

Hi Eva,

Here is the proofread file to finalise ASAP. Compliments form the proofreader too who said you did a sterling job!



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