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This is how your documents will be processed:


Your text will be translated while carefully preserving the original document format. The translation will be checked over and over again, correcting, polishing phrases and finding more accurate terms.

Language and terminology will be adapted to suit your intended readers; a text intended for researchers should be different from one intended for the man in the street. The former kind of text must be very precise and use specialized terms, while the latter must be easy to read.

In case of large projects, you will be informed of the progress until you receive a well-written, accurate translation - on time as always.

We also translate from Spanish and French in certain cases, for instance if you need translation of related documents in several languages.

Naturally, your texts and the information they contain will be kept in the strictest confidence.

We are always grateful for both positive and negative feedback in order to improve our services.


We translate texts on the following subjects:

  • Environment, society and planning, transport, rail traffic
    • On these subjects, our knowledge from 11 years of research on different aspects of transport and environment in a societal context is at your service.

  • Research and science
    • Through many years of research in combination with work on internal organisational project work, we have amassed a large body of experience in these areas.

  • Technology, electrotechnology, environmental engineering, illumination
    • A Master of Science degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and general practice in handling technical issues enable us to give you good translations in these fields. Within technology, we take a special interest in environmental engineering such as wind power and solar energy, railways and trains, lamps and lighting.

  • Gardening, organic farming and food, cooking and baking, bees och beekeeping
    • Experience of professional horticulture, many years of cultivating vegetables in our private garden, selling organic vegetables as well as other foods, along with a sincere pleasure in cooking and baking, give us first class knowledge of food from the field to the table.

  • Yoga and training
    • Experience of practising several branches of yoga and other everyday exercise, gives firsthand knowledge of terms and expressions.

  • Several years of translation experience
    • Practice makes perfect - you will benefit from our translation experience of many types of texts and formats since 2002.

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